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Therefore™ Tab





Therefore™ Tab


This Tab is only visible and used when saving scanned documents directly into Canon’s Therefore™ Document Management System. If you do not intend to use Therefore™, please leave these settings blank.


The Therefore™ Tab is used to enter the Therefore™ DMS user created especially for Scan2x to access. Scan2x uses these credentials for all aspects of its communication with Therefore™.

Select the Therefore™ Navigator, option if the PC on which Scan2x is running has the Therefore™ Client Tools installed.

Select the Therefore™ Online option if Scan2x is being connected to the Therefore™ Online service.


The credentials of the user created for Scan2x must include the following:

-“View” permission for all folders and categories that you wish to appear in the drop-down menus at configuration time.

-"Read-Write" access to those categories into which you expect users to save documents.


At no time are users ever granted access to Therefore™ via Scan2x – the above credentials are used only during job configuration and when saving scanned jobs.

Local Override of Therefore™ Settings

(Not used when configuring web, ScanFront 400 and MFD environments)

The username and password entered in this section will be used by this Scan2x device only, for any jobs set up to save their output to the Therefore™ Document Management System.







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