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Post Processing Tab





Post Processing Tab


This function requires a Document Template to have been imported before it can be used.





The Post Processing tab is used to define rules for Scan2x to follow after page images have been received from the scanner. There is no limit to the number of rules that can be defined per document, and each rule can be set to work on a single page or even a small part of a page within the document.


Rules can be defined to change or enhance the image received from the scanner, and you can choose as to whether the changes are used only during the OCR process (i.e., not saved with the final document in its final destination) or persisted through with the document to its final destination. To illustrate, consider the following examples:


Document being scanned has Order Number in white overlaid onto a coloured background.



In this example, the Order Number we wish Scan2x to pick up for metadata purposes is printed in white on a coloured background, and this can interfere with the OCR process to the extent that it becomes unreliable. In this case, we can define rules that will invert colours within a zone or replace the coloured background only with white and the existing white print with black, leaving the reference text untouched in the area surrounding the reference number. By doing this, the OCR process will be presented with a black and white image ideal for the optical character recognition process. We then choose NOT to persist the rule changes and as a result the colour replacement is discarded following the OCR operation, thus preserving the original document image.


Document being scanned is poor quality.



In this example, it is necessary to increase the contrast of the document post-scanning to enhance the general readability due to the poor quality of the original paper. In this case, we can create a rule to increase contrast and persist the changes on to the final document in its destination.


Post Processing Rule Configuration


Each Post Processing rule can be set up to process an entire page, or a section of a page. In the screenshot above, the rule is set up to process only the area contained within the red box – this box is defined by dragging the box with the mouse or finger from top left to bottom right. If you are using a touch screen interface, double tap the screen with your finger in the position of the top left corner of the intended box. With a mouse, double click the top left corner. In both cases, then drag the box towards the bottom right corner of the intended final box size.



The Reset to Default button will reset a layer with any options or changes made back to a layer with no specified box on the document.


Press the Add New Layer button to enter the Rule Definition screen for a new Post Processing Rule.

The far right of the above screenshot contains the controls for the rule. At the top is a text entry area into which you can type a rule name.

This is not mandatory; however, this name will appear in the rules list on the main Post Processing tab as described above – having a name to describe each of several rules will help you to see what Post Processing options you have selected at a glance.


The Zone dropdown has two options: Manual Selection; this allows you to manually select the post-processing zone on the document, and Whole Page; Scan2x will apply your post-processing choices to the entire page of the document.


The Apply to dropdown allows you to specify whether you want the current rule to affect all pages in the document, a specific page in the document (such as Page 1 or Last Page), just Odd pages, or just the Even pages


The Rotate by checkbox allows you to rotate the document.


The Save changes to final file checkbox allows you to specify whether the document processing functions you set here are to be used during the OCR process only (i.e., to ‘refine’ the area selected in order to make the OCR process more accurate). If the checkbox is left unchecked, the document processing changes will not be reflected in the final output document.

For example, if a Post Processing rule is set up which changes yellow text to black and the ‘Save changes to final file’ checkbox is left unchecked, the final output document will contain yellow text. If the checkbox is checked, the text will appear black in the final document.


The Apply process after OCR function is used to apply the rule after the OCR process has completed, normally when we require specific text on the document to be OCRed and then redacted (deleted or blacked out) in the final document. An example of the use of this is the scanning of Identity Documents in Germany, where law dictates that it is illegal to store ID Card scans showing the full Machine-Readable Zone.


The three tabs; Enhance, Draw and Anchoring, have post-processing options which administrators can use simultaneously. These are described on the following page.





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