Document Splitting Tab


To make the process of scanning documents that much more efficient, it is often possible to place multiple versions of the same type of document into the scanner in one batch and have Scan2x separate them automatically into individual documents – for example, multiple invoices, multiple survey sheets, etc.


To enable Scan2x to determine where one document ends and the next one starts, we use the Document Splitting tab. To automatically split a document, Scan2x needs to understand what to look for in order to close one document and open the next. This trigger could be a special “splitter” page, inserted between each document in the batch. It could also be specific text in a pre-determined position on the page, the presence of a barcode or QR Code, or simply by counting the number of pages.


Multiple splitting rules can be set up so that multiple split triggers can be set. Once entered, these rules can then be set to trigger a document split when ALL are true, or when ONLY ONE is true using the dropdown selector above the rule list. During the scanning process each splitting rule is checked in order of priority and splitting will according to the setting chosen.





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