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Button Settings





Button Settings Tab


The Button Settings tab allows for the customization of each Job and Group button in Scan2x.

For each Job button, you can change the background colour, the text colour and the button image.

The button image can be selected from a list of standard images included with Scan2x, or you can submit a custom image – this can be a photo, an icon, a logo or any other image in JPG format.

The Get Image Average button attempts to set the button background by examining the chosen image and using a similar colour to match it.

The Get Image Border button - If you use an image for the button that is not transparent and has a background colour, this will get that colour and set the rest of the button to it in order to blend the image in.

In order to change the Text Colour, click on the box showing the current text colour, pick the new colour and click OK.

The red Cancel buttons near the background and text colour options allows the administrator to reset the background and text colour to their default colour.





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