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Metadata Tab





Metadata Tab




The Metadata tab is where the metadata for documents to be scanned by this job is defined.


Metadata is data that provides information about the document that has been scanned. For example, metadata for an invoice might include the invoice number, the date and the account number of the client – it is data that uniquely identifies the document and/or aids in the retrieval of that document at some point in the future. Scan2x organizes metadata into Fields, and these fields are defined in the Metadata tab shown above.


Each metadata field can be set up to perform one of a number of possible tasks, from simple free text data collection from the user, auto-population via OCR, ICR or OMR, auto-population via a Web Service call or database query, selection by the user from keyword lists, or auto-population by Scan2x from pre-defined values like date, UserID, IP address and more. These possibilities are selected from the Default Type dropdown list shown above.


It is also possible to specify a default value for each metadata field. If no data is forthcoming from the expected input (e.g., a user doesn’t enter any data, or a Web Service or database query returns no data) then Scan2x will populate the relative field with the value specified in the Default Value column.


By ticking the ReadOnly checkbox for a metadata field, you specify to Scan2x that the user is not allowed to make any changes to the value of this field at scan time. Any values populated by Scan2x via OCR, Web Service or database queries or the execution of a VB Script will be unchangeable by the user. 


Similarly, the Hidden checkbox specifies to Scan2x that it should not even show the field to the user at scan time. This is useful when data is captured via Web Service query or database query that is of a sensitive nature and should not be public knowledge yet should be used during the scan process.


The Mandatory checkbox specifies to Scan2x that the field must be populated before the document can be saved.


The Colour dropdowns allow the administrator to specify the metadata field label colour & the OCR zone colour for the metadata field that the user will see in the Scan Preview screen.


The Fill Metadata from the value of a QR Code on the 1st page of the scanned document checkbox enables specific functionality that quickly and automatically fills all document metadata from a QR Code on the first page, if the structure of the data matches the metadata definition exactly.


The Reset Sort Order button will sort the order of the metadata fields back in alphabetical order.


The Reset Metadata button removes any fields and settings entered manually.


The Move to Temporary Metadata button


The Copy from another job button allows the administrator to copy metadata fields, such as ones which have Regex or C# expressions, of other jobs into their current job, without the need to recreate the metadata field expressions from scratch.

Regex is short for Regular Expression, and is a standard parsing language all unto itself, used heavily for validation. Please refer to the Regular Expressions (Regex) Wizard for more information.





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