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OMR Document Setup





The OMR Document Setup screen


The initial OMR Template screen shows a list of questions that have been configured from the Document Template – initially this will be blank. Click the “Manage OMR Settings” button to proceed.




Upon clicking the “Manage OMR Settings” button the following screen is displayed with the Document Template on the right-hand side.  For Scan2x to be able to interpret the marks on the page it needs to understand where each mark is and what is understood by the presence or otherwise of a mark.


The left-hand side of the screen shows a list of questions if these are already configured. The document template is displayed on the right and will be used to set up each question.




Firstly, indicate to Scan2x whether the spaces in which marks are expected (referred to as “bubbles”) are indicated by circles or rectangular surrounds by selecting this in the “Options Shape” dropdown at top left of the screen. If these bubbles are coloured, you can indicate to Scan2x what colour they are using the “Options colour” tool by dragging the dropper into the page until you obtain a sample of the exact colour on the page. This will help Scan2x with the detection of the position of each bubble during configuration.


TOP TIP: The optimal shapes for detection of OMR questions are circles or squares. Any other shapes (e.g., ovals) are not recognised as easily.


There are two ways of configuring this:

Manual selecting the marks

Getting the system to find them automatically




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