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Advanced Scan Settings Tab





Advanced Scan Settings Tab




The Require QR Code on the 1st page of the scanned document checkbox enables a function to scan the first page of any document scanned using this job, to ensure that a QR Code exists.

Optionally we may even check to ensure that the QR Code found contains a specific value as defined in the Expected QR Code value text box. If a QR code is NOT found or does not contain the optional value as described above, Scan2x will display a warning to the user. This function is normally used in specific cases where document level verification and validation are required, to ensure only valid documents are scanned. 


The Read Barcodes values on the 1st page of the scanned document checkbox is used in the same way, except that with this option it is possible to specify the barcode variant used using the Where Barcode type dropdown.


With Scan2x it is possible to validate Identity Cards and Passports that adhere to the international standard as established by the ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organisation. The documents contain a Machine Readable Zone (or MRZ) that is automatically recognized, interpreted and validated by Scan2x when either the Validate scanned document as an ID Card or the Validate scanned document as a Passport checkbox is ticked. Metadata fields are automatically created when the ID or Passport modes are activated, to store the information collected from the MRZ. The validation process involves the system matching the inbuilt MRZ checksums with the rest of the data in the MRZ. Once checksums are validated, the system then also checks to ensure that today’s date (i.e., the date of scanning) is larger or equal to the official expiry date of the document. If any of these checks fail, the user will be presented with a warning message and Scan2x will not allow the saving of the document. 

In addition, it is also possible to effect further checks on the identity of the owner of the document using web services to check external databases.


For ID Card scanning, several sub-options are available.

The Accept Expired ID Cards checkbox bypasses the user warning shown upon detection of an expired card.

Ticking of the Merge into 1 Page checkbox instructs Scan2x to take both sides of the ID Card and merge them into one PDF page together with the attestation text (if enabled). This facilitates the display of a complete ID document in a third-party system by calling one page.

The Add Attestation checkbox adds a strip to the bottom of the document with the text “True copy of original identity document as acquired and verified by <username> from Unit ID: <Scan2x Unit ID>, on <date> at <time>”.

The Ignore MRZ Errors checkbox is normally left unchecked, meaning that Scan2x will expect to find a Machine-Readable Zone on page two of the ID document. This however means that documents that do not have an MRZ cannot be processed using Scan2x. By enabling the Ignore feature, it is possible to scan non-MRZ identity documents (e.g., drivers' licences) using the ID Card scanning option.


For Passport scanning, there are two sub-options available:

The Accept Expired Passports checkbox bypasses the user warning shown upon detection of an expired passport.

The Add Attestation checkbox adds a strip to the bottom of the document with the text “True copy of original passport document as acquired and verified by <username> from Unit ID: <Scan2x Unit ID>, on <date> at <time>”.


The Validate scanned document as a Cheque checkbox is used to activate Scan2x automatic bank cheque detection system. When this checkbox is activated, Scan2x assumes that each document is exactly two pages long (i.e., back and front of each cheque). It also assumes that it is to look for an MICR strip at the bottom of the front of the document (MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition). Three metadata fields are automatically created for the job, in order to store the cheque number, bank sort code, and the account number against which the cheque was written.


Scan2x relies on OCR technology to recognize the data in the MICR strip, using a special OCR dictionary tuned to read the MICR font called MICR-B. 

From the MICR, Scan2x collects the following metadata:

Cheque number

Bank sort code

Account number



Process scanned documents with Freeform invoice service:

- Default Country - specifying the country from which the invoice originated allows the Freeform service to concentrate on the characteristics of invoices from that country. Different countries have different legislation regarding information required on an invoice, and prior knowledge of this by the system can help to increase the accuracy of data retrieved from the document.


- Own VAT Number - Invoices will normally contain the Tax Identification Code (VAT number) of both the producer of the invoice (ie the supplier) and the recipient (i.e., the client). By entering the client's VAT number in this box, the Freeform invoice service knows to ignore this VAT number and look for the other one, which will be the supplier's.


For more information, please see the Freeform Invoice Service tab.



As part of Avantech's Online Services, when an administrator ticks the option 'Process with Scan2x A.I. Cloud Services', the administrator has the option to use multiple services such as the following:

Invoices A.I.

Receipts A.I.

Business Cards A.I.

Identity Documents A.I.

Contracts A.I.

Tables A.I.

Document Labels A.I.

Advanced OCR A.I.

NLP English

NLP Legal

For more information about the above services, please see the Scan2x A.I. Cloud Services tab.


'Process with Custom Services' allows administrators to choose a custom service that would have been designed for a specific company.


For users who have a Scan2x Web licence, there is also the Enable metadata pre population on Canon ImageRunner devices during scanning checkbox. When this checkbox is ticked, non-processed metadata can be inputted on ImageRunner devices.




The Enable mobile device to add more pages during document scanning option allows the user to add more pages during document scanning either by uploading Local Files, using the Device Camera or using iDRS SmartCapture™, depending on what option the user has picked. For more information about Mobile Settings, please see the Mobile Settings tab.





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