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ID/Passport scanning





ID & Passport Scanning


Scanning of ID Cards and Passports is as simple as scanning any other document, only this time Scan2x knows exactly how to process these documents.


ID Cards

National Identity Card documents that conform to ICAO Standard 9303 are used by 188 countries and territories around the globe. The documents are presented in the form of a credit-card sized plastic card with a Machine-Readable Zone (MRZ) on the back. This MRZ is formatted in such a way as to facilitate the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of the information within it with 100% certainty, due to the security algorithms built into the data. By OCRing the MRZ and passing the data through these security algorithms, we can achieve the following:


Verify that the MRZ data has been read with 100% accuracy.

Verify that the MRZ has not been tampered with.

Verify that the Validity Date of the card is later or equal to the current date.

Verify the holder is/is not present in a database.

Verify the holder against a web service (e.g., World-Check).

Read and transfer all the card data into Scan2x for onward transmission to digital storage along with the image of the card.


Failure of any of the above functions and checks will result in an immediate warning being displayed to the user of Scan2x with a description of the problem encountered.


Scan2x is capable of scanning the ID Card in one pass and combining both front and back card images, together with attestation text, into one cropped colour PDF. An example is shown in the screenshot below.








Passports conforming to ICAO Standard 9303 have an MRZ on the page identifying the holder of the passport. Scan2x uses this data in the same way as the ID Card above.


Further information on scanning ICAO-compliant Identity Documentation can be found in the Administrator's Guide under the Advanced Scan Settings Tab.


* For Scan2x to be able to correctly recognise and process national Identity Cards and Passports, these must conform to International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Standard Document 9303, as adopted by all 188 ICAO member states. It is also necessary to utilise a scanner that has been designed to scan media of the thickness of a plastic card or passport.


Additional document holder identity checks


Besides using the document Machine Readable Zone to verify the correct reading of the information, Scan2x also can perform the following checks dynamically in real time:


Verify the authenticity of the information using the MRZ checksum (CRC) check.

Verify the date of birth of the document holder.

Verify the document expiry date, and optionally disallow capture of expired documents.

Use database queries or Web Service calls to check internal databases, blacklists etc.

Use database queries or Web Service calls to check external services, e.g., World-Check.








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