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General Settings Tab





General Settings Tab



The General Settings Tab allows for the setting of the following features:









Power Off Action

(Not used when configuring web, ScanFront 400 and MFD environments)

Using this setting, the POWER OFF button at bottom left of the main Scan2x screen can be set to perform the following functions:


oNOTHING – Scan2x software shuts down and returns the computer to the operating system


oSHUTDOWN – Scan2x software terminates and commences shutdown of the operating system


Any jobs that remain in the output queue upon shutdown will be retained and will continue to be processed when Scan2x is started again.


oRESTART – Scan2x software terminates and commences a complete restart of the operating system.


oSIGN OUT – Scan2x software signs out logged in user.





Auto power off at

(Not used when configuring web, ScanFront 400 and MFD environments)          

If this option is set, Scan2x will attempt to terminate and commence shutdown of the operating system at the time entered.


If Scan2x is in use when this process is started, the user will be presented with a warning allowing a postponement of the shutdown. Following postponement, the user will be prompted for shutdown every 10 minutes, together with another option to postpone. If the postpone button is not pressed, Scan2x will terminate and shut down the operating system.


Any jobs that remain in the output queue upon shutdown will be retained and will continue to be processed when Scan2x is started again.



Auto logout after x minutes of inactivity

This setting controls how long a period of inactivity will result in an authenticated user being automatically logged out of the Scan2x. Scan2x will then return to the login screen.


Any jobs in the output queue will continue to be processed in the background.







Updates Path          

Normally, Scan2x software can be updated to the latest version directly off the Internet at startup, or by manually pressing the “Check for Updates” button at the bottom left of the main Scan2x screen. However, this will not work if the Scan2xs on the network have not been granted access to the Internet.


Where Internet connectivity is not possible or not allowed, software updates can be pulled by Scan2xs by entering the path of a shared folder in this setting. The shared folder entered will be populated with the latest Scan2x software update by network administrators in agreement with Avantech Software, and Scan2x will update from this folder.



The following .exe ( would need to be included in the Scan2x folder - in order to update an offline Scan2x, the administrator would need to run this application to generate a file with the list of files the PC currently has. The administrator would then send Avantech Software this file and Avantech Software would compile a custom update for the administrator.



Local Scan Queue Path

Inputting a file path for the local scan queue will allow Scan2x to use a folder on your local device as a directory for any documents that are scanned to the local scan queue. Besides documents being present in the local scan queue, they will also be present in the folder inputted in this path.




Check for updates on startup

If this option is ticked, each individual Scan2x will use the “Demo ID” value as set in the General tab above to create an output sub-folder. All documents output by each Scan2x are then placed beneath this sub-folder, allowing scans from multiple Scan2xs to be separated by Unit ID.


This option only applies to outputs to folder.




Auto Update

Ticking this box initiates the periodic checking of files for later versions that may be available.


If Scan2x is installed on a network that does not have access to the Internet, the system will check in the Update Path (see above). If any files are found to be more recent than those on Scan2x machine, the system will automatically download them to update itself.

Allow updates by Admins only

This checkbox disables the ability of Scan2x to pull a software update when logged in by users who are not Admins. When the box is ticked, the Scan2x software will only update if logged in by a user with Administrator privileges.


The language drop-down selector allows for the default interface language to be changed. Setting a language using this control will not override the user-level language settings as selected by each user within their individual User Settings control.

Output PDF Version

The Output PDF Version dropdown selector allows for the default output PDF version to be specified as a global setting.



Allow use of ‘Import from PDF/Image’ functionality

(Not used when configuring web, ScanFront 400 and MFD environments)

This checkbox allows for the global enabling or disabling of Scan2x’s ability to use PDF documents as input instead of documents originating from scanners.


While this setting is global, individual job buttons can also be set to allow or disallow PDF importing.












Queue email notifications

This section allows for the setting up of emails that are sent by the Scan2x transmission queue if a completed scan is unable to be successfully sent to its destination.


Reasons for this include: the inability of Scan2x to reach the destination (due to permissions issues or network outages) or the inability of Scan2x to retrieve database-query or webservice-query related fields while ‘draft’ scans are in the queue.


Enable for items in error: Ticking this box enables the email notifications to users. Users will receive an email from Scan2x for any scan that throws an error during transmission to its destination.


Enable for items in Draft:  Tick this box to enable email notification when a scan job remains unprocessed due to failed web service or database queries. When saved as ‘draft’, Scan2x queue will periodically try to reprocess those queries. While these jobs remain in the queue, users will receive an email notifying them that the relative queries have not yet processed successfully.


Notifications interval: This is the interval Scan2x queue will wait between sending notification emails to users.


Only send notifications: The time interval during which Scan2x will notify users by email of items in the queue that may need attention.

Hybrid Scan Queue Sync

The Hybrid Scan Queue Sync gives the user the option of scanning documents through Scan2x windows, and then uploading them to Scan2x Online or the online web queue for processing and/or for the saving process instead.


Upload Pre-Processing - will allow Scan2x Windows to capture a scan, either via USB scanning or File Import, and queue the documents to be uploaded into Scan2x Online. Then Scan2x Online will take care of the processing.


The other 3 options are different in that the processing happens locally in the Scan2x Windows application. The difference between them is how the syncing is triggered.


Allow Manual Sync - will require each scan to be manually synced from the queue via the Sync Selected button.

Automatic Sync - will automatically sync the scans from the queue after X minutes (0 mins can be configured for immediate upload).

Automatic Daily Sync - will automatically sync any scans left in the queue at a given time, daily.








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