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Automatic Document Recognition (ADR)





Automatic Document Recognition (ADR) and Job Automation


Scan2x Automatic Document Recognition module, or ADR for short, is a clever engine designed for automatic document classification and categorization tasks when scanning documents.

It allows Scan2x to identify invoices, checks, forms, orders, delivery notes, page separators or any kind of structured document.


Consider incoming invoices from suppliers. While all the documents are of the same type - invoices – they vary widely in size, design, format and the position of data within them. This makes automatic scanning and indexing of these documents impossible without manually sorting them into individual suppliers first, and then submitting them for scanning in individual batches.


It is important to understand and accept that a complete 100% success rate is unlikely unless some form of machine-readable code is present on the document (e.g., barcodes or 2D barcodes) and this needs to be kept in mind when designing processes around ADR. 


There are two widely accepted methods of achieving this, and with Scan2x you will be able to use a combination of both to achieve very high levels of recognition automation.





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