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General Tab





General Tab


The General Tab is the first in several settings tabs related to a job.

Job Name is the name that is displayed on the user screen and should be set to something that the user can immediately recognize. (Remember that jobs can be put into groups – this can help to make it more intuitive for users to choose jobs).


Parent Group shows a drop-down list of all groups that exist. The “- Root –“ group is the front page.


Sorting is an integer value, and this serves to determine where on the screen the button is displayed in relation to the others in the same group. The smaller the number, the higher on the screen the button is displayed.


Queue Priority is used to indicate to the Scan2x how urgent any scans for this job should be treated as in the output queue. If it is desirable to have output from this job be processed before any preceding jobs, set the queue priority setting to High.


When the option Inherit metadata from the previous document of the same scanned batch is ticked, during processing Scan2x will fill any empty fields with the values from the metadata of the previous document (if available).


By default, Scan2x will record an encrypted version of all metadata captured in the audit together with other information pertinent to the scan. The Record Metadata in Scan2x Audit checkbox allows you to disable the recording of metadata in the audit on a job-by-job basis if required.





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