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Source Settings Tab





Source Settings Tab



The Preferred Source dropdown lists the scanners connected to Scan2x and allows the administrator to set a default scanner for this job. There is also the option to allow importing of documents from the local scan queue.  

If the Do not allow other sources checkbox is checked, Scan2x will force the user to use the scanner selected in the dropdown. Another scanner model will not be allowed to be selected.


The Always use the job's Document Template as a source checkbox enables a function where the Scan2x system will bring up a document template, which was previously submitted, when a job is configured. This will be used as a standard to generate a document when running a particular job.

If the Do not display the document (Metadata input only) checkbox is checked, Scan2x will force the user to input the required metadata only, and not display the document to the user.


The Prompt user to scan more pages when scanning completes checkbox enables a function wherein the user is prompted to scan more pages using the same scanner after the pages that have been submitted to the scanner have gone through the machine. This is to handle situations in which the average number of pages to be scanned regularly exceeds the maximum amount handled by the scanners’ input tray. By enabling this option, the restarting of the scanning process after the input tray has been refilled involves a single click. If this checkbox is left unchecked, the user will be asked to choose a scanner every time the choice is made to scan more pages.


The Allow import from existing PDF/Image checkbox is checked, users will be allowed to select a PDF from a hard disk or network shared folder. It is important that for network shared folders, the user that Scan2x uses to log in is granted read access. To import multiple PDFs in a single action, see Allow importing of multiple PDF/Image files as a single scan below.


Select from Folder to allow users to import documents from a folder or from Mail to allow users to import documents from the attachments in emails arriving at a specified mailbox.

For more information about the from Mail options, please see the IMAP tab and the Microsoft Outlook (Graph) tab.


When a user decides to upload a document to a job, the file dialog appears. The administrator can choose the appearance of the file dialog box by ticking either the Windows File Dialog option or the Scan2x File Dialog (Advanced) option. These two options are displayed in the screenshot below.




If importing from existing PDFs in a folder is allowed, it is also possible (but not mandatory) to preconfigure the UNC path of the folder by entering this into the Limit import from below Path text box. The browse button to the right of this text box brings up a directory browse and selection dialog. Once the user has been presented with the content of the specified folder it is also possible to filter the PDFs displayed to only those owned by the user currently logged on to Scan2x – please note that this feature is only available when Scan2x is integrated with Active Directory. Use the PDF/Image files available for import setting to enable or disable this filter.


If the Automatically import all available files from folder checkbox is checked, the Job will skip the File Selection dialog and automatically select and import all available files in the specified folder with no user interaction required.


It is possible to instruct Scan2x to delete the PDF following import by ticking the Delete source PDF/Image file when processing completes check box. For this feature to work, it is important that Scan2x Active Directory user is granted Write permissions to the folder. Optionally, it is also possible for Scan2x to move the source PDF into another folder once processing has completed. To do this, populate the text box with the destination path for the processed source file.


By ticking the 'Move source PDF/Image files to the below Path when processing completes' box, the administrator can select a destination for the PDF/image file to transfer to a different location once the source scan is completed.


When the Only accept PDF files with a valid Digital Signature checkbox is ticked, Scan2x will only process documents which have a valid digital signature certification.

Note: when this option is enabled, the job will only accept .pdf format documents.


To allow importing of multiple PDFs in a single action, tick the Allow importing of multiple PDF/Image files as a single scan check box. This makes an Advanced button visible in the PDF file selection process.


The Ignore Job's document splitting settings when importing from PDF/Images Files option is used to bypass the document splitting process when processing PDFs or images containing single documents. This option is especially useful when using the Scan2x Freeform invoicing service, in which all document processing is done at the service level. This saves a lot of processing time and increases processing speed.


When the Merge multiple imported PDF/Image files into a single document checkbox is checked, this will allow a user to select multiple PDF files for processing and the Scan2x system will merge these pages of the document into one PDF instead of multiple separate PDFs. The Allow users to change this option before every import checkbox gives the administrator the option to grant users access to change the above option before every import - please note this will only be possible to enable if the 'Use Scan2x File Dialog (Advanced)' option is ticked.


The Run this job automatically when… tick box is only available when the Scan2x Workload Server licence has been purchased. This allows the Scan2x system to monitor the folder or email box configured above on a regular basis. This automatic monitoring works only when the user is logged out of Scan2x.

It is also necessary that any jobs set to auto-process using this setting are set to Auto-Save, using the Auto-Save setting described in the Scan Settings Tab.




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