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Jobs Matching





Jobs Matching


The Jobs Matching Tab will display all conditions set up in all child jobs when the admin is in an ADR or Job Automation job.

It is a shortcut to view the child job settings without having to open each job one by one.


As seen in the screenshot below, each child job has green text under the column MatchCondition. This means that the splitting conditions of each child job is unique and so Scan2x will be able to identify the documents to the correct corresponding child job.

If each child job has red text under the column MatchCondition, this is due to the fact that the rules set for those child jobs are matching and so Scan2x will not know where to put documents for those jobs since they clash.


For example, if both Invoices ABC and Invoices DCE have a rule in common (for e.g., both jobs have the splitting condition to split when an OCR metadata field picks up the word 'Invoice'), the system will not know where to put an invoice since both ABC Invoices and DCE Invoices will have the word 'Invoice' on them.





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