Job Automation


Splitting a batch of documents in a Job Automation group is equivalent to daisy-chaining each job’s Splitting Conditions, one after the other.


When a batch of documents is scanned into a Job Automation group, each page is put through the Splitting Conditions of each job within the group in turn.

When a job’s Splitting Conditions are successful, the document is split and considered to have been identified as a document as defined by that job.

As each job definition can handle different document layouts and Splitting Conditions can be defined very specifically, this is an efficient way of splitting batches if we can be sure that content used for identification is always in the same place.


In the scenario where a Job Automation group has 20+ jobs stored, and in the scan preview screen a document is not recognized. Instead of scrolling through the Job Automation job list trying to find the correct job for the document, the user can type in the name of the job in the Job Automation search bar as shown in the image below.






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