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Regular Expressions (Regex) Wizard







For those not wishing to get into the complexities of VB Scripting, Scan2x has a Regex Wizard that helps you create Regex expressions.

It also links directly to an online regex teaching and testing tool called

This Wizard is activated by defining a metadata field as an Expression (Regex) type, as in the screenshot below.


When a field of this metadata type is selected the Regex Builder button appears, allowing you to go into the Scan2x Regex Builder wizard. This is illustrated in the below screenshot.



By selecting the Source field from the dropdown of defined metadata fields, you define where the unstructured text will come from. This will be used to run the Regex expression against. You may also cut and paste sample text directly into the Source Text Content field, to use as you are building your Regex expression.



At top right of the Wizard, there is a link to, a very helpful site that can be used to build Regex expressions, that includes explanations of what each part of your expression does.

The link button automatically starts the website in a browser, prepopulated with your test text and any Regex expression you already have in the Scan2x Regex Wizard.






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