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VBScript Expression Builder





VBScript Expression Builder



The VBScript expression builder allows for the building and saving of an expression, to be used at scan time for the dynamic population of a metadata field. 


By defining a metadata field as Expression (VBScript), you can use a subset of the VBScript scripting language to determine the ultimate value of the field. The expression can either be manually entered, or for those who are not totally conversant with VBScript, an Expression Builder is provided to help with syntax.

For reference, the Microsoft VBScript online reference can be found at


The Expression Builder button appears when a metadata field of type Expression (VBScript) is selected. By clicking this button, you display the Expression Builder window, described below.




The Expression Builder window is split into three sections:

-The top expression section, in which the expression is built.

-The bottom left tree, in which you can select between the Metadata, IDCard MRZ, Functions and Operators reference lists.

-The bottom right list, in which the selected reference list is displayed.


By referring to the reference lists, you can build a VBScript expression to return a value; it is this value that will populate the metadata field to which this script is linked.




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