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Document Template Tab





Document Template Tab


The Document Template tab is the tab in which you upload a sample of the document that this job is intended to scan. This optional step is only required if you plan to have Scan2x perform one or more of the following functions:

Metadata Population by OCR

Zone Processing

Image Post Processing

Marking of Exams or Forms

Digital Signing

See the relevant subsections on each function for more information as to what each does.


You can upload a sample document (hereinafter called a ‘template’) by scanning it in using the Scan Template Button, or you can import the template from an existing PDF using the Load Template Button. If you wish to replace an existing template, please remove the original one before adding the replacement, by using the Remote Template Button.


Multiple page templates are accepted, and you can step through the pages of the template using the thumbnails displayed on the left of the page image.





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