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Web Service Queries





Web Service Call in Metadata


It is possible to set up a metadata field whose value will be determined by the result of a call to a web service somewhere on the network.

This allows Scan2x to query virtually any type of system and application to obtain metadata about a document.



The Web Service Setup button is visible when a metadata field that has been defined as a Web Service Call is selected, as highlighted in the red box in the screenshot below.



When the Web Service Setup button is clicked, the following wizard is displayed which allows you to define a Web Service URL to call, together with a function exposed by that Web Service. The URL for the web service can be entered as a constant string or made dynamic using metadata field values to form part of the URL.Furthermore, you can set up the inputs to the parameters required by the web service from metadata that has been collected from the document via OCR, entered by the user or even obtained from other Web Services.



In the Webservice Setup tab, type the webservice URL, access username and password into the appropriate fields for the webservice you wish Scan2x to access.

Choose the type of webservice from the choice of SOAP, REST POST and REST GET from the options on the right of the screen.

Click the  button to test your entries and ensure that these will successfully make the connection to the webservice.

If successful, the Function dropdown will have populated with the methods exposed by the webservice you have connected to.

Choose a method from the dropdown.

The parameters will be displayed (if relevant) in the parameters box underneath the dropdown.

Your configuration can be tested with sample data using the Test Area tab, in which the result returned by your webservice can be viewed and verified.





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