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Metadata Validation Rules





Metadata Field Validation Rules





It is possible to define one or more Validation Rules to control what is entered to describe a document.


Each metadata field can have one or more rules – for example, a date field might have the following rules linked to it:

1.Date >= 1st Jan 2015

2.Date <= 31st Dec 2000


This will result in the metadata field displaying an error to the user if they try to enter a date in the range between 1st Jan 2001 and 31st Dec 2014.


It is also possible to use a VBScript Expression as part of the validation process. Any validation expression will need to return a Boolean result.


It is also possible to enter a Format validation – this definition mimics your required real-life format in an easy-to-understand way.

For example, your current invoicing number format is “IN 123456” – that is two characters, a space and six following digits, then the Value column simply needs to contain “IN 123456”.

The Format command will take the “IN” to mean “two characters”. It will also interpret the “123456” to signify six digits. Scan2x will therefore now only allow entry of two characters, a space and six digits.


Verification rules to limit the length of data in a metadata field, or to force the data to be numeric is also possible.


It is possible to get infinitely more complex with validation by using the Regex setting.  Regex is short for Regular Expression, and is a standard parsing language all unto itself, used heavily for validation.


It is beyond the scope of this manual to instruct on the use of Regex pattern matching. For more information about how to use Regex, please see






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