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Calculated Fields & Tables





Calculated Fields and Tables


Once capturing a table on a document, as shown in the Table Data Capture tab, an administrator can go a step further and add calculated fields.

A calculated field is a type of metadata field that allows the system to find and calculate the minimum, maximum, average or sum of specified column/s of a table in a document. This can be very useful for users if they require the Total amount of a column, for example, before or after the VAT is included in the final amount.

In order to set up a calculated field, one must have a table already created. For more information on how to do this, please see the Table Data Capture tab.

Once the table has been created, one must:

Go into the Metadata tab in Jobs Manager.

Create a new field, for example 'InvoiceSubTotal', and select the Calculated Field metadata type from the dropdown button.


Once the field is created, the Expression Builder button will pop up.


Once this button is clicked, the administrator has the following options:

Calculation Type: Sum, Average, Minimum, or Maximum.

Absolute values

Round result to - This refers to the amount of decimal places to be shown.

Calculated Fields - This will show the administrator the current metadata fields that there are in the main metadata section, including the existing table, shown with a table icon under the TestValue column. The administrator can then select which column from the table they want to sum, and even add a Table Filter.


Once the above options are completed, the Calculation Result section will then show the admin they're final value. The Calculation Message text box at the bottom of the Expression Builder is there to aid the administrator when testing or adding any Table Filter to make sure that the syntax is correct.



Please see the video below for a visual example.








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