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SMTP Settings Tab





SMTP Settings Tab


The SMTP Settings Tab is used by Scan2x to communicate with your SMTP server when it needs to send an email.


Emails are generated by Scan2x when:

-Jobs are set with an output destination of “Scan to Email”

-When jobs are set to email a copy of a saved scan (see the Scan to Email tab)

-When a user requests a new login PIN number (see “Request New PIN” on the Authenticating with Scan2x in the User's Guide)

-Scan2x generates a queue notification (see the Local Settings tab for an explanation of queue notifications)


Use the Test SMTP Settings button to ensure that your Scan2x settings work correctly with your chosen SMTP server.



Below is a technical description of what is required for each field:





The DNS name (e.g., or IP address of your SMTP server.


The TCP/IP port that your STMP server is listening on. For more information, kindly see

Enable SSL

Check this box if your SMTP server is configured to use Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL


The username required for Scan2x to log in to your SMTP server


The password required for Scan2x to log in to your SMTP server

Email Address

The email address required to appear in the “From” field of the email header – this would normally be set to <>, where “” is your email domain.







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